Risperdal Settlement

For the past years, Johnson and Johnson paid billions of dollars to settle charges thrown against them for their off-label marketing Risperdal. Qualified victims of Risperdal side effects are eligible for compensation either through a jury’s verdict or by settlement.

Risperdal SettlementJohnson and Johnson, the company behind the skyrocket success of Risperdal, paid billions of dollars to settle their charges for illegally marketing the drug. Those who have shown negative adverse effects from the drug’s consumption could be eligible for compensation either through a jury’s verdict or through Risperdal settlement.

J&J’s have been persuasive and aggressively marketing to doctors to prescribe the drug to children and elderly even without DFA’s approval. The United States Attorney General Eric Holder stated that Johnson and Johnson have been putting the most vulnerable members of the society at serious risk while the company pursue for its own profit.

These two antipsychotics of J&J has been falling into the wrong consumers’ hand as the company itself had extensively done off-label marketing. Furthermore, the serious health risks weren’t properly disclose to the public. Now, Johnson and Johnson, is legally liable for the negligence to where they have been paying millions to settle with law makers, the government and affected patients.

Billion-Worth Scandals

Johnson and Johnson has always been a big player in the health care market. The company has been existing since more than a century ago and their products are among the bestsellers. Risperdal and Invega nailed countless of billions of sales which largely benefit J&J.

Risperdal was allegedly illegally marketed under the hood for off-label uses. This expanded the company’s sales and made the drug a once-upon-a-time best-selling antipsychotic in the United States. A $2.2 billion settlement was arranged as paid by J&J to the federal government and multiple states. It was the biggest settlement made in the medical history of the U.S.

State regulators cited that J&J ignored the FDA’s warning to not market Risperdal to children and elderlies. The drug wasn’t approved for children’s use until 2006 but it was already sold to children for as early 1994. Risperdal wasn’t also approved for dementia-related conditions.

Individual Settlements & Jury

Filing a Risperdal lawsuit doesn’t guarantee you to win a Risperdal settlement or a compensated verdict. Base on the previous settlements made, it is as though J&J is trying to conceal the marketing scandal by settling claims through financial compensation.

Aaron Banks, a 21-year-old boy filed a lawsuit for gynecomastia injury he got from taking Risperdal back when he was nine. He had to undergo to a surgery to fix the condition. Banks claimed that the adverse effect did not only left him physical injury but also psychological trauma. The first trial happened in a Philadelphia court where Bank’s attorney said that “the possibility of more evidence of off-label marketing and improper conduct by Johnson & Johnson had something to do with the settlement.”

As of November 2013, seventy seven more plaintiffs were recorded.

Patients May Be Eligible for Compensation

Consumers of Risperdal who was hit by its adverse effects such as gynecomastia can seek compensation for both emotional damages and physical injuries. The terms will be confidential in between J&J and the patient but the settlement will commonly include financial help for ongoing medical care, counseling and surgery. The compensation will be based on the case’s strength and validity.

Drugwatch is always on the look to help people who are victims of side effects of Risperdal. If you or a loved one wants to learn your possible legal options, contact us immediately.