Risperdal Lawsuits

Risperdal lawsuits are not new as the families of those who were hit by the drug’s side effects had stepped out to fight for their rights. Johnson and Johnson’s have already settled billions worth of claims and there are still mounting cases filed in states courts’ cabinets.

Risperdal LawsuitsFor the past years, popular medical product manufacturer Johnson and Johnson is on the hot seat of 36 states consumer protection regulators for off-label marketing Risperdal and Invega – both to which are Second-Generation Drugs. The company didn’t wait for the Food and Drug Administration to approve the drugs uses in children and elder patients.

Originally, Risperdal was created to treat schizophrenia and a limited case of autism spectrum disorders. Risperdal and Invega are both antipsychotic drugs that can change the balance of chemicals in the brain. Stepping back to mid-90’s, J&J requested for the drug to be approved by health sectors to use for mental conditions in children and old people. Those requests were overthrown again and again as FDA didn’t find any solid evidences of the drug’s efficacy.

The accusations cited that J&J illegally marketed Risperdal extensively in between the years of 1993 until 2004. Johnson and Johnson was also targeted for concealing the possible adverse effects of Risperdal which nclude noticeable weight gain, breast growth on males, stroke, cardiac arrest and Type 2 Diabetes. The manufacturer have already settled millions worth of agreements with the government and affected patients from the years 2012-2014.

A sales manager from J&J said that the company trained sales people to extensively promote Risperdal to children since years ago. The company still sold the drug despite of the FDA’s lack of approval of its off-label use.

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Behind Courts’ Close Doors

Patient complaints against Johnson and Johnson are backed by law regulators and the government itself. As Risperdal gynecomastia cases continue to rise, federal courts may centralize these cases.

Some noteworthy settlements;

  • On 2012, J&J settled a case with ab undisclosed amount during its first day of trial in Pennsylvania state court. Similar cases were settled in Philadelphia just the following month.
  • South Carolina Officials won a $327 million award over J&J for its overstatement of Risperdal’s safety.
  • Arkansas fined J&J for illegal marketing of the drug. The fine was $1.2 billion. It was then followed by Texas who knocked the company for a $158 million settlement.

There are a bunch of other settlements in other states that are still on going and J&J is still trying to help their way out of the hands of the Justice Department.

Bloomberg reported that Risperdal generated a worldwide sale of $24.2 billion from the years 2003 to 2010. Despite of the publicly disclose settlement, Johnson and Johnson still denies the accusations thrown at them.

When to File a Lawsuit

According to surveys and researches gynecomastia cases pointing to Risperdal and Invega are higher compared to lawsuits filed against other antipsychotic. Despite this, there are still a lot of consumers who turn to Risperdal and Invega. This is obviously the result of extensive off-label marketing as, allegedly, doctors and physicians were given bonuses to prescribe these drugs to patients even if some of its off-label usage are unapproved by the FDA. The misrepresented efficacy and the possible risks of these drugs were concealed; reasons why these antipsyhotics were once-upon-a-time market’s bestsellers. Although J&J isn’t making a lot from Risperdal and Invega like it used to, the company is still accumulate millions from these drugs’ annual sales. That means that there are still a huge number of Risperdal and Invega consumers out there.

Patients who were injured by Risperdal side effects should file to compensate for;

  • Hospitalization and coping expenses
  • Severe physical and emotional injuries
  • Lost of employment due to the adverse effects
  • Restore and improve quality of life
  • Punitive Damages against Drug Makers and Marketers

People who Filed Lawsuits Against Johnson and Johnson

Justice is out there and this has been given to those who are brave enough to step out. Andrew Bentley and Aaron Banks are two of the many courageous ones who came out to file complaints against the makers of Risperdal and Invega.

  • Andrew Bentley was prescribed to use Risperdal for a condition associated with Asperger’s Syndrome. During the course of his medication, Bentley developed gynecomastia.
  • Aaron Banks is a boy who used Risperdal when he was nine. He development a breast growth which then needed a surgery to be removed. Aaron filed the case when he is 21 and accused the manufacturer for false marketing and concealing the adverse effects of the drug.