Risperdal and Invega, two of Johnson and Johnson’s best-selling Second-Generation Antipsychotics can cause serious adverse effects including irregular heartbeat and worst, sudden cardiac arrest. For the past years, these adverse effects are the reasons why J&J is facing multimillion dollar lawsuits and more are being filed by state courts, federal authorities and consumers of the drug.

Risperdal and Invega are Second-Generation (also called, atypical) Antipsychotic drugs formulated to produce safer and more efficacy than traditional antipsychotics. Sadly, its purposes have not served well as serious side effects including irregular heart beat and sudden cardiac arrest were reported.

Clinical studies show that atypical drugs have the ability to interfere with the heart’s regular rhythm; thus, causing abnormal beat rate that can lead to cardiac arrest and death. A study made by the New England Journal of Medicine found that SGA had similar heart risks to traditional antipsychotics.

Despite of the fact that Risperdal and Invega possessed black-box warning, they are still among the most frequently prescribed anti-psychotic medications that its manufacturer, Johnson and Johnson was able to generate a $24 billion world-wide sales from the years 2003-2010 while Invega nailed a shining sale of $424 million during 2010.


Despite of the assumption that SGAs like Risperdal and Invega are safer than First-Generation Antipsychotics, they still have the capability to increase the risk of a condition called arrhythmia or the irregular heartbeat. According to a study done to schizophrenic patients who were taking Risperdal in between the years of 1993 to 1996, patients risk to arrhythmia are 1.7 and 3.2 higher and death rate increases up to 5.8 time higher. Ironically, it was found in that study that lower dose could increase the risk. Other issues found as Risperdal effect are weight gain, diabetes, risperdal heart problems and hyperglycemia

Safety Concerns.

As more and more people file cases against J&J, there is an increasing concern about the drug and its consumption. The federal governments, consumers and health care professionals are already voicing their concerns more specifically to the most vulnerable society – children and the elderlies both which are among the highest consumers of the said drugs.

At this very moment, hundreds of Risperdal lawsuits and Invega cases are filed in court cabinets – these complaints include those of patients who are brave enough to fight for their rights. If you are someone or know somebody who have been hit by the dangerous adverse effects of these drugs, we at Drugwatch are here to help you guide through your legal options. You may be qualified to get compensation that you can use for medication and to rebuild your life.